Bat-Erdene Gotov Tengis Tserendondog Lodoiravsal Choimaa Batmunkh Amar


There are a lot of methods for the stabilization of quadcopters and the newest are based on AI. A neural network is a simplified model that imitates the human brain's processes. In the research paper, we present a neural network control model for quadcopter stabilization. A single hidden layer network model was estimated to investigate the dynamics of the UAV. A control system with a classical PID controller was used to train the neural network model. This method is used for examining how the neural network imitates the stabilization of the quadcopter in real flight mode. The novelty of the work was to design of small size 3 layers NN model that runs in real-time in a quadcopter. The PID and machine learning controllers' operation results were compared to each other and
shown in the experiment.

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artificial intelligence, control system, quadrotor, neural network, unmanned aerial vehicle

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